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Lost at Sea Writing Contest: Results!

Greetings fellow players! Apologizes for the anxious wait and a huge thanks for all the patience that you all displayed- the waiting is finally coming to an end as I'm here to announce the top three winners for the Lost at Sea writing contest! All the entries entered into the contest ranged the judging to a high difficultly as every story had a unique plot to them, requirements included, and either left the reader with a humorous spark or an devastating adventure occurring within their mind. Thus here is the overall exciting stories that definitely deserve the spotlight!

First Place Winner: "The Smuggler" written by Jiloacom
Prize: 3500 mirs, Blackbeard's Fury, and 20 donations tokens.

Second Place Winner: "Waters and War" written by TrueGormagon
Prize: 3000 mirs, Blackbeard's Fury, and 15 donations...
Mirabil Spawn Map.png
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The New Spawn Details

Edit: At 12:04am 7/13/14 we have went live!!!!!!! :D :D :D

Craftyn's new spawn is coming soon! Friday July 11th at approximately 9pm Central Standard Time the Craftyn server will be down for maintenance, lasting a large portion of the night if not all night and into the morning. If you have any chest or items at spawn that you want to keep you have until that time to take them out of spawn.

General Features:
  • Spawn Plaza is in the center
  • Easier and less confusing to navigate.
  • Walking distance to key points has been minimized for increased efficiency.
  • Focused on reducing lag.
  • Spawn plaza is on a hill that overlooks the rest of the spawn. This will help players understand spawn layout easier and looks much better
  • Gentle hills present throughout the entirety of spawn keeps the terrain natural looking.
Here is a map view of the new spawn:...
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Hey Craftyn! Travel here to bring you the results of the Drawing contest. Everyone did such a good job it made it hard as always. We have lots of talent here so for our winners:

1st place: CowOfDestiny - 1500 mirs + Ship Master + 30 Donation Tokens

2nd place: xFallenxNinjazz - 900 mirs + Ship Master + 20 Donation Tokens


3rd Place: JellySquid36 - 600 mirs + Ship Master + 10 Donation Tokens

[FONT=Comic Sans...
by graywolf336 at 11:54 PM (603 Views) 27 Comments
Ship Building Contest Winners

You've had to wait long enough and the results are finally here! It was a long process to pick three ships due to so many good entries, but thanks to the community votes it was a easier. We tried to pick ships that fit the theme while being open to the idea of making small edits to them to have them fit in better. We will be contacting the makers of the ships which we would like to tweak a little to fit in better.

The top ships are...
  1. zman72
  2. mrrock141
  3. bvdb99
  4. jerk_buster_2003
First place ship:

Second place ship:
Third place ship:
Fourth place ship:

Despite the contest being for three ships we decided to pick a forth as well. We believe that the forth ship would make a fun and unique new Jail. This jail would be open to the public where players could go the halls and visit those who are jailed there.

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Monthly Voting Contest!

June Voting Results:

Why hello there Craftyn! I am here again bringing to you the results of June's Voting Contest! There was quite a few voters who were close to the top three but not up there enough. Thank you everyone for all your votes, we appreciate it and helps us get our name out there! So without any further delay, here are the top three voters:

First Place: @mrrock141 - 292 votes
50 Donation Tokens

Second Place: @BecKam68 - 287 votes
40 Donation Tokens

Third Place: @Tannthekilla - 272 votes
30 Donation Tokens

Congratulations everyone! Your donation tokens have already been delivered,...