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by Travelgurl at 7:13 AM (30 Views) 5 Comments
Results: Comic Strip Drawing Contest

Hey Craftyn! Want to Start of by thanking everyone for their wonderful entries. We certainly have lots of talent here. It was a hard choice but after much discussion with my fellow staff members we have finally decided on our top 3!

1st place - 1500 mirs + Master of Comics+ 30 Donation Tokens

2nd Place - 900 mirs + Master of Comics + 20 Donation Tokens

3rd place - 600 mirs + Master of Comics +10 Donation Tokens
Craftyn comic contest page 1.jpg
Craftyn drawing contest page 2.jpg

Congrats to all of our winners and hope to see you all at the next Drawing Contest! :)
Your prizes will be handed out to you soon!
by Travelgurl at 8:48 PM (900 Views) 31 Comments
Easter Building Contest!

Travelgurl here to bring you the Build contest. With Easter almost here we have decided to bring some holiday spirit to Craftyn. So, for this contest the theme will be Easter. Build us anything to do with Easter. It can be Pixelart of an Easter Bunny or an Egg, or it can even be a house decorated for Easter! Let your imagination go wild.

  • Location: Build World - VoxelPort to be determined
  • Date: 4/19/2014 @ 3 pm CST
  • Time to Build: 1 Hour
  • Team Size: Max 4 players per team
  • Plot Size: 20x20
  • Theme: Easter
  1. 1st: 1500mirs + Ultimate Easter Egg + 35 donation Token
  2. 2nd: 1000mirs + Ultimate Easter Egg + 30 donation Token
  3. 3rd: 500mirs + Ultimate Easter Egg + 25 donation Token
How to Play:
  1. As usual, sign up by RSVPing to this thread....
by Travelgurl at 6:28 PM (632 Views) 21 Comments
Craftyn Poetry Slam

Hey Craftyn! Ready for another round at the writing contest, while this time we are going to have you write a poem about Craftyn. It can be about your town , nation, the community, your friends or even your favorite staff member. It can be about anything as long as it is Craftyn Related.

  • Start Date: Saturday April 5th 2014
  • End Date: Saturday April 19th 2014
  • Minimum length: 5 pages
  • Maximum length: 1 book (50 pages)
  • Grammar: Correct grammar and proper English
  • Submit To: TheEye via in game mail
First Place Prize
First place: 2500 mirs + Master of Poetry +20 donation tokens

by graywolf336 at 9:13 AM (494 Views) 5 Comments
Monthly Voting Contest!

March Voting Results:

Well hello there, Craftyn! I'm here to bring to you the results of March's Voting Contest! I have to say, the last moments of the voting contest was crazy, people exchanging positions. In fact, the last vote push the second place to where he is and pushed the third place down to where she is. Everyone voted a lot and I wish you all the best of luck and thank you very much! So, here are the top three voters:

First Place: @KernelDamagement - 254 votes
50 Donation Tokens

Second Place: @Tannthekilla - 233 votes
40 Donation Tokens

Third Place: @Travelgurl - 232 votes
30 Donation...
by Travelgurl at 5:44 PM (1362 Views) 58 Comments
Drawing Contest : Comic Strip

Hey Craftyn, Travel here to bring you another exciting Drawing Contest, but since it seems you are all very talented we have decided to make this one a little bit tougher this time! This time we are not just going to get you to draw a single picture. We are going to have you draw a comic strip, based on your life in Craftyn. It can be anything you want just as long as it involves you and involves Craftyn!

  1. 1st Place = 1500 mirs + Master of Comics + 30 Donation Tokens
  2. 2nd Place = 900 mirs + Master of Comics + 20 Donation Tokens
  3. 3rd Place = 600 mirs + Master of Comics +10 Donation Tokens
What to do:
  1. Get drawing! Draw a comic strip that must have at least 4 pictures (yes you can do more!) of your life here on craftyn!
  2. Sign your work with your username and date to prove that you drew it, must have this or your entry will...