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Craftyn Towny

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The Last Block Writing Contest

There is only one last block in the world of Craftyn, hidden for centuries and centuries during the time of the ban of blocks. All players are forbidden to build and are forced to dispose of any types blocks that they may hold in possession. You happen to stumble upon the only existing block in Craftyn, unlocking a quest to safely return the block to the Craftyn staff- who are staying hidden during the time of the ban of blocks in fear. No matter the cost of this quest, obstacles leading into a matter of life or death, you must deliver the block so that the Craftyn world is saved from it's dull, block-less, times and may once build again.

  • 1st Prize: 3500 mirs, The Last Block, and 20 donation tokens.
  • 2nd Prize: 3000 mirs, The Last Block, and 15 donation tokens.
  • 3rd Prize: 2500 mirs, The Last Block, and 10 donation tokens.
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As we're aware, Mojang has recently released an update to Minecraft which adds a ton of features. Sadly we must wait for Bukkit to update before the server can update to include all the new features. But what we have done, like most servers, is enabled a patch which allows both 1.7 and 1.8 clients to connect to the server. What this means is that people no longer have to switch back to 1.7 when they want to play on Craftyn if they was previously on 1.8 playing single player or something. I want to stress, there are no 1.8 features added yet since Bukkit hasn't updated.

As far as changing your username is concerned, if you do change your username when they open this functionality you will lose the following:
  • Towny data
  • Money
  • Shopping Plot Access
  • Donator access, including bedrock chests, donator plots, etc
  • And other things I am not aware of at the time.
So, I stress that if you want to keep those things don't change your name. When...
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Drawing Contest: Draw your Favorite Super Hero: Results

Hey Craftyn, Travelgurl here to bring you the results of the drawing contest. We had so many entries this time around and made the judges job extra hard as you are all very talented. We could not pick just 3 winners we had to go with 4!


1st Place:@PinxKitty10021 - 1500 mirs + [Name of Superhero]’s Sword + 30 Donation Tokens
2nd Place: @samo911 -...
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Monthly Voting Contest!

Hello people of Craftyn! I'm here to bring you the results of the previous two monthly voting contests, July and August. Thank you everyone for all your votes, we appreciate it and helps us get our name out there! Without any further delay, here are the results:

July Voting Results:
First Place: mrrock141 - 337 votes
50 Donation Tokens

Second Place: beckam68 - 307 votes
40 Donation Tokens

Third Place: TrueGormagon - 301 votes
30 Donation Tokens

August Voting Results:
First Place: beckam68 - 282 votes
50 Donation Tokens

Second Place: coolepicbuilder - 280 votes
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An update to ChestShop has been applied, your shops will not work until you login. This is due to the switch to using UUIDs, since Bukkit's method to get someone's UUID is a blocking method and ChestShop is using their own methods which gets a player's UUID when they log in.

Edit: Maintenance is over!

On August 19th, 2014 around 7pm CST there will be about an hour or two maintenance (longer if something goes wrong) in which we will be working on the performance issues we're still having and trying to narrow them down. Plus during this time we'll be updating a few plugins to their newest versions and such.