1. You look new here! You should come join us on the server, the ip is: mc.craftyn.com
  2. As a reminder, if you change your username when they finally release the ability to do it and come on the server you will lose your money and towny data. You've been warned.
  3. Sadly yes, the forums did rollback. This was due to the host losing the data due to a failed hard drive in the raid and when they replaced the failed hard drive not all the data came back. Nothing we can do about it since the host also lost the backups, we will be moving the website to another host this weekend so it doesn't happen again.
  4. Need to know what number a shop plot is? Shop Plots

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Christmas Mansion building contest!

Yaaaaay it's the time of the year again! Having a wonderful decorated tree at home, sitting inside with a cup of hot Chocolate waiting for the day to finally open those wonderful presents! Well we have found a way to kill your time in the meantime!

One of Santa's close friends want to surprise Santa, by taking him on a small vacation here on craftyn. But he wishes it to be a very exclusive house somewhere close to spawn. But not just a house a Christmas Mansion where Santa can feel at home but at the same time feel relaxed, you know he needs some free time as well..

Information on the build:
Santa's buddy sent me a list of what needs to be included in the build.
  • The plots are going to be 3 chunks wide and 2 chunks deep (so 3x2)
  • Santa's friend will make a...
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Halloween Contests Results!!!
The results were posted before, so this post won't be so "elegant" as the previous one. But nevertheless, all the entries for all the contests were fantastic and I say congrats to everyone who entered everything as it was very hard deciding who actually won. In fact, the judges who helped me for the different contests said that it was very hard deciding the final three winners. So, congrats to all the winners of the contests! Here are the results.
Haunted House Building Contest
  1. Team Athelas
  2. Samo & Fozzy
  3. Team Paris
Haunted House Writing Contest

  1. @Gh0stFox - Chateau Flamme
  2. @Jiloacom - Haunted Hooligans...
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New Important Information posted here.
Happy Halloween Craftyn!!!

This holiday we're going to be doing something extremely different than all the other times! We're going to have all three types of our main contests going at once, ending at once, and being roughly about the same topic. Then on Friday night, Halloween, we're going to have a night of fun minigames such as BlockHunt, Spleef, Mob Arena, CTP, PVP Arena, and maybe even another UHC. :) So, here are the descriptions for all the contests:

Haunted House Building Contest

Think of a place...a dark place...a haunted place...a place where you're stuck...unless you design yourself a way out!! Now that you're thinking of a dark, scary, and haunted place and your...
by Gh0stFox at 1:12 PM (743 Views) 14 Comments
The Last Block Writing Contest: Results!

Good day Craftyn! Ghost here, happy to announce the fanstatic results for The Last Block writing contest are finally in! Many of you found this to be an unusual and challenging plot line, despite it- the entries were pleasing to read, each having a variety of possible ways to successfully follow the plot line. The judging of these entries were definitely the hardest yet, but based on the most entertaining to read, followed requirements, and managed to hold the contest's plot along with it all- here's the results you've been waiting for!

First Place Winner: "Risks" written by CowOfDestiny
Prize: 3500 mirs, The Last Block, and 20 donation tokens.

Second Place Winner: "[ A New Block]" written by Jiloacom
Prize: 3000 mirs, The Last Block, and 15 donation tokens.

Third Place Winner: "Never...
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Hola there, person of Craftyn! Here are the voting contest results of September, albeit several days late due to me being out of town. Thanks to everyone for all your votes, we sincerely appreciate it as voting helps us get our name out there! Without any further delay, here are the results:

September Voting Results:
First Place: @BecKam68 - 256 votes
50 Donation Tokens

Second Place: @Tannthekilla - 229 votes
40 Donation Tokens

Third Place: Staticbull - 220 votes
30 Donation Tokens

Congratulations to everyone! Your donation tokens will be on their way shortly, you all have earned them! If you have any questions or concerns, as always, feel free...