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  2. As a reminder, if you change your username when they finally release the ability to do it and come on the server you will lose your money and towny data. You've been warned.
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The Craftyn Towny forums. We are a Minecraft server with an amazing community, come join us to experience it!

Diamond Pickaxe left.png Craftyn's Summer Build Tournament Diamond Pickaxeright.png

Hey there Craftyn!
Stormy here again to bring you another exciting build contest! But this time, it's not just any contest. This will be the server's first ever Build Tournament! This is an 11 week tournament. Some rounds are individual while other rounds are as a group. Each round is meant to challenge you in different ways and styles of building. I highly encourage everyone to take a chance at this!! It will be lots of fun! c:

Here is the lineup of the entire contest:
(More details to come when each new round is announced.)

Round 1: Modern Beach House Oasis
Timespan: 3 days (July 6-8, possibility of starting earlier)
First place prize: Custom "2015 Craftyn Builder Trophy" (diamond) + 6 stacks of stained clay (your choice) + 3 stacks of dark oak logs + 6 stacks of sand (red or regular your choice)

Second place prize: Custom "2015 Craftyn Builder Trophy" (emerald) + 3 stack of stained clay (your choice) + 6 stacks of dark oak planks + 6 stacks of sand
Third place prize: Custom "2015 Craftyn Builder Trophy" (gold) + 1 stack of stained clay (1 color of your choice) + 2 stack of dark oak planks + 6 stacks of sand
Portal location: TBD When the portal is open I'll announce where to look for it.​
Round 2: Post Apocalyptic hotel
Timespan: 3 days (July 11-13)
Round 3: Desert Palace
Timespan: 6 days (July 17-22)
Round 4: Underground Dwarven...

I really hope to see everyone there, old friends and new ones, alike! Please remember to wear your best! We're looking forward to see everyone dressed up. Also if this isn't an awesome event itself, and the surprise reveal isn't enough of a draw, we will be offering door prizes and a raffle! Only those who are present at the Gala well receive prizes.

To enter the raffle you need to RSVP in the comments below with the following Hashtag: "#CraftynGala2015"

Sunshine and Hugs~
Shining a Light On Craftyn - Results ✵

Hey there Craftyners, it's Stormy again, bringing you the Lighthouse contest results!

So, as you know, we did some staff judging, that lead to the top 4 of our favorites, #4, #5, #7 and #17, so we did the poll so you guys could help us decide on a winner. Well...The votes have been counted, the results are in, and...*drum roll* the winner is: #17 Congratulations Nattov!

Grand Prize: 4,000 mirs + 30 donation tokens + 20 sea lanterns + Your own enchanted abridged copy of Moby Dick + Your lighthouse design placed at spawn for all to enjoy!

For those of you who are as curious as I am, here are the others and where they placed after voting:
  • #7 Nutcrackertree: 2nd place
  • #5 Tannthekilla: 3rd place
  • #4 Elliegantly: 4th place

The lighthouse is scheduled to be placed in spawn sometime this weekend.
Thanks so much to all of you who entered. You all worked so hard. Every lighthouse was lovely and I wish we could've had more than one. But, I hope you all had a lot of fun, and I'm excitedly looking forward to the next building contest. As a small teaser....it's already in the works, and let me tell you....it's like nothing Craftyn has seen before ;)

Sunshine and Hugs :sunflower:
Hey everyone, I wanted to let you know about some changes which are happening on the server. Over the course of several months, maybe even years, we have had people asking us how to become a builder for the server and the only answer we could give is to build good and the Owners might randomly talk with you and give it (which was super rare). The reason we gave that answer is because that is how we have always done it dating back to the very first builder @Assblasster88 to the current builders. Continuing to get builders like this will not work especially if we are wanting to add more builders to get projects in the backlog completed. As a result of a need for change, we are changing up the structure of the builder team which now includes a structure and an organization to the team. Having a structure to the builder allows us to have a framework to support more than just three or four builders, increasing the efficiency of the team as a whole instead of being completely disorganized. So, we are going to be adding one more rank to the Creative Team which will rest under the builder section. We are going to now have Architects.

Think of Architects as the "senior builders" who have more experience being an official builder on the server. This does not in anyway mean the architects are the better builders, just means they have seniority on the staff team. The Architect position is here to provide structure within the builders section of the Creative Team, this way if a builder has questions or needs direction on a project they have someone to go to which they can relate to better....currently if a builder is stuck and needs direction they come to me but considering I am not a builder it isn't the best, thus having the Architect to go to and the Architects being able to go back to builders is a good thing for the entire server as a whole.

No doubt you're wondering how...