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Craftyn Towny

The Craftyn Towny forums. We are a Minecraft server with an amazing community, come join us to experience it!

Diamond Pickaxe left.png CRAFTYN BUILD TOURNAMENT Diamond Pickaxeright.png
This will be the server's first ever Build Tournament! This is an 11 week tournament. Some rounds are individual while other rounds are as a group. Each round is meant to challenge you in different ways and styles of building. I highly encourage everyone to take a chance at this!! It will be lots of fun! c:

Please see the Recent Updates and Q&A section below to answer any more questions you might have.
Recent Updates:
  • Update to the tournament structure - Point system
  • Server was down. Additional time given on round 2. We apologize for the delay. Unfortunately, it seems we do not have the most recent version of the contest world. Gray has looked through all of our backups and there is no backup for that world prior to the crash from last week. We have given you extra time to accommodate for that lost build time.
  • Check the lineup - Some dates have changed
  • New way to teleport to the Build tourny world! Go to the Craftyn Helper!
    To the contest world: BT_Warp_to.png From the contest world: BT_Warp_from.png
Tournament Lineup: (More details to come when each new round is announced.)
Round 7: Large building/Capitol Building/Cathedral etc. - OPEN
Remember, this needs to be BIG and fancy! I'm looking for things along the lines as this:
weather-in-st-petersburg.jpg ...
Instrumental Talent Competition Follow Up and Winners!

Hey guys! Moomneh, coolyoo64, and Lemony_ here with the Instrumental Talent Competition winners! Even though we know the contest didn't have an amazing participation rate, we feel as though this is partially our fault, and maybe next time we could do better. Now, without further ado, here is what you've been waiting for, the winners of the competition!

Congratulations to!:
  • 1st Place: Lord_Voldemort7! with his entry of Still Alive from Portal on the piano!

  • 2nd Place: Bunnnn! with her entry of Ode to Joy and Amazing Grace on the flute!

  • 3rd Place: wolfchild297! with his entry of *unknown song* on the piano! (Also your cat was a beautiful meow meow thanks for that)!

Congratulations to all the winners!

Honorable Mentions:

Nobody! There were only 3 submissions, but we felt as though we should make this as a joke. :D

If you have any suggestions for the next time there is a competition like this to make anything easier,(Example: Submission of entries) please leave positive criticism in the comment below!
Mirabil Times Logo Contest
Hey Craftyn, as mostly everyone knows about our server’s newspaper the Mirabil Times. Well there is still one thing missing, we need a logo to go on the top of each issue! The winner of this contest will have their Logo appear on all Mirabil Times Items!

  • 1st Place: 50 Donation tokens + 2000mirs + Special article written about them in the Mirabil Times + logo will be the Mirabil Times official logo
Due Date: Aug 28 2015

What to do:
  • Get creative and Get Started
  • Submit your logo by Uploading them here on this thread
  • You must submit two Copies one in Black and White (no Gray tones) and Second in Colour
  • You may not copyright your entry
  • No explicit content. This includes: profanity, sexual content, excessive blood and gore
2015 Craftyn 4th Anniversary Gala - Follow up

Hello everyone, we would like to thank everyone who attended the gala and made it an awesome night! We hope that everyone enjoyed themselves and had a great time. Sorry to those who could not make it, this thread is a recap of what you missed.

The Craftyn Community Appreciation Awards

  • Devynbarrie
    We would like to honor him for his AM radio station, the 540 news, and his continued production of it. He has shown willingness to be respective of the rules and is always open to suggestions. He continually keeps chat sarcastically, interesting, and buzzing. 540 news is Craftyn’s very first official radio station and we look forward to hearing more from Devyn’s outlandish accusations, amusing weather, and traffic reports in the future.
  • Holy_shitake
    We would like to honor him for his continued production of the Craftyn Capers Comic. He has brought many laughs and we know many look forward to each comic as it comes out. The Craftyn Capers brings something unique and special to the forums. We also recognize his helpfulness he has shown over the years with the community as a whole.
  • Wolfchild
    Not only does he dedicate a lot of his time to the server, he also is an avid enforcer of the rules helping to keep the server a safe and friendly place for all ages, stepping up on the Mirabil times to do the formatting of the threads, also voluntarily helping guests when they need help with how to join a town, and generally offering help to anyone who might need it around spawn or the server as a whole. He often thinks outside the box, such as his obsidian house plot, and tries to help improve the server in any way he can.
Honorable Mentions
  • Press Team
    For taking time out of their day and all of their hard work they do to help put out the paper. We...
Instrumental Talent Competition!

Hey there guys! Moomneh, here with our first ever Instrumental Talent Competition! I really hope this will be a successful event, as we can have more contests like this in the future.

For this event, every player may only have one entry, you may have multiple recordings at one time, but only one of your entries will be judged, and you must state which one it is.

In order to submit a recording of yourself, the only way we could configure this to work, is if every person who competes will have to submit their entry via YouTube embedding. You MUST use a recording of yourself, or you will be disqualified.

The idea for this contest came from a certain @coolyoo64! Show off your musical talents!


  • Start Date: July 31st
  • End Date: August 16th
  • Upload video/recording of yourself playing through Youtube on the thread
  • Update: We have discovered a secondary way that you can submit your recordings! However, IT MUST BE AN MP3 FILE! If it's any other type of file, it will not work. To submit the MP3 file, when commenting, or sending the recording to us privately, find a button that says Upload a File. Once there, find your recording, and submit it to us. Remember, if you do it this way, you still have to follow the same rules as everyone else.

  • You must play an instrument, vocals are allowed, but they will not be judged, and are suggested as an accompaniment. Also, please state what instrument you are playing if you think that it's not obvious either in the...