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The answers to all your questions: 42

Okay okay, but really the answers to your questions are being answered here and not in all the private messages I've received.

As we are all aware, the server has become a cemetery which is filled with the living dead and those who come to visit the dead. Along with that, we are all aware that hardly any of the staff have been active especially me and I am the Owner.

Recently I have been presented with some opportunities of a lifetime where I get to not only pursue the career I have always wanted but where I also get to fulfil my dream of owning my own company/being a managing partner. As with everything great, there comes a price. The price for these opportunities is my time and all of it for a while.

As a result of my time being consumed by these opportunities, I simply do not have enough time to dedicate to the server as I feel the server needs to have to regain momentum and become successful again. Not only that, but my dreams and passions have shifted away from Minecraft and towards fulfilling these opportunities and making them realities.

As a result of this, Craftyn will be shutting down in a few hours today.

These almost five years, including the first private server period, have put me through various experiences in life which I would not trade for anything else. Craftyn has been my pride and joy for a while and I will severely miss the community here! I wish everyone the best luck in life and may you be successful in it! :)


Update: We now have our own instance of Rocket.Chat! Come join us at: https://chat.craftyn.com/
CRAFTYN BUILD TOURNAMENT Diamond Pickaxeright.png

To everyone who took part in Craftyn's first ever Build Tournament,
thank you for participating and making it a great event!

Sj and I hope everyone had a great time building, as much as we had fun watching what you all came up with! Honestly, every round someone came up with something completely unexpected, and it's the creativity from everyone that keeps this server interesting. I also would like to say thank you for putting up with all of the delays and extensions. It's difficult to hold a contest such as this one, with the length of it. We were bound to run into some road blocks, and the unexpected random issues, but I feel like everyone handled them well, given the circumstances. I hope to take what we learned from this and apply it to our next build contest endeavor in hopes to smooth out some of those wrinkles.

We appreciate your feedback.
Please write below, or private message me, if you have any comments or suggestions on how we can handle a larger contest such as this in the future, based on your experience during this one. Please keep your opinions on the topic of building contests/tournaments, only.
Round Winners & Honorable Mentions
Round 1: Modern Beach House Oasis
1st Place: Fozzythedovakiin
2nd Place: Gh0stFox
3rd Place: Nattov
Honorable Mentions
Round 2: Post Apocalyptic Hotel
1st Place: Nattov
2nd Place: Fozzythedovakin
3rd Place: Bugra
Honorable Mention
Mirabil Times Logo Contest Results!
I would like to start of by thanking everyone for their submissions to this contest we really have some very talented people on this server. With everyone being so talented made this a really hard contest to Judge, but in the end there can only be on winner!

1st Place :Gh0stfox

50 Donation tokens + 2000mirs + Special article written about them in the Mirabil Times + logo will be the Mirabil Times official logo

Thanks again for everyone efforts. Someone from the Mirabil Times Will be contacting you soon about your article. Prizes Will be Handed out soon.

Thanks Travelgurl & Lemony
Diamond Pickaxe left.png CRAFTYN BUILD TOURNAMENT Diamond Pickaxeright.png
This will be the server's first ever Build Tournament! This is an 11 week tournament. Some rounds are individual while other rounds are as a group. Each round is meant to challenge you in different ways and styles of building. I highly encourage everyone to take a chance at this!! It will be lots of fun! c:

Please see the Recent Updates and Q&A section below to answer any more questions you might have.
Recent Updates:
  • Update to the tournament structure - Point system
  • Server was down. Additional time given on round 2. We apologize for the delay. Unfortunately, it seems we do not have the most recent version of the contest world. Gray has looked through all of our backups and there is no backup for that world prior to the crash from last week. We have given you extra time to accommodate for that lost build time.
  • Check the lineup - Some dates have changed
  • New way to teleport to the Build tourny world! Go to the Craftyn Helper!
    To the contest world: BT_Warp_to.png From the contest world: BT_Warp_from.png
Tournament Lineup: (More details to come when each new round is announced.)
Round 8 (final round!): Freestyle - CLOSED


This round is completely open to creativity! Build small, build big, build any style or theme you want! Build...​
Instrumental Talent Competition Follow Up and Winners!

Hey guys! Moomneh, coolyoo64, and Lemony_ here with the Instrumental Talent Competition winners! Even though we know the contest didn't have an amazing participation rate, we feel as though this is partially our fault, and maybe next time we could do better. Now, without further ado, here is what you've been waiting for, the winners of the competition!

Congratulations to!:
  • 1st Place: Lord_Voldemort7! with his entry of Still Alive from Portal on the piano!

  • 2nd Place: Bunnnn! with her entry of Ode to Joy and Amazing Grace on the flute!

  • 3rd Place: wolfchild297! with his entry of *unknown song* on the piano! (Also your cat was a beautiful meow meow thanks for that)!

Congratulations to all the winners!

Honorable Mentions:

Nobody! There were only 3 submissions, but we felt as though we should make this as a joke. :D

If you have any suggestions for the next time there is a competition like this to make anything easier,(Example: Submission of entries) please leave positive criticism in the comment below!