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Craftyn Towny

The Craftyn Towny forums. We are a Minecraft server with an amazing community, come join us to experience it!

Shining a Light On Craftyn ✵

Hi there! :D Stormy here!
I'm ecstatic to have the opportunity to begin holding build contests for you guys from now on! I've been hearing that some of you think it's about time to hold another building contest, and you're absolutely right!

For a long time now, Craftyn has been in the dark. It's astounding that our two ships have never crashed into our docks on many a rainy night. We have gone too long without a guiding light on our shore, and that's why we need you! We are calling for all building aficionados to build the best lighthouse to shine a light on Craftyn's docks.

Location: Build world Voxelport. (Look for the fisherman's shack at the corner of Emerald and Lapiz, at spawn.)
Date: May 8-10
Build time: 3 days
Team size: 1 player per entry only.
Plot Size: 47 x 47 blocks (everyone gets one island)
Theme: Light house on the ocean shore.
Restrictions: You can NOT expand your island, you must build within the area given. Feel free to add bushes/rocks/flowers or other decorative items though!​

Grand Prize Winner: 4,000 mirs + 30 donation tokens + 20 sea lanterns + Your own enchanted abridged copy of Moby Dick + Your lighthouse design placed at spawn for all to enjoy!​

Be creative!
It can be traditional, modern or something different!
Here is some inspiration:

Draw your Favourite Craftyn Memory

(One of my Favourite Memories trapping Bolthead in a box )
Hey Craftyn! Travelgurl, here to bring you another exciting drawing contest. So the idea of this theme of this contest came from @Ruffroni We thought it would be nice to see you draw favourite Memory that you have had on Craftyn!

As for the Poetry Contest, we are going to have you submit your drawings by conversations on the forums. Send them to Travelgurl, then the will pick our favorites and have you vote on them to see who the winners will be!

So here are the Prizes:
  • 1st Place: 1500 mirs + Craftyn Scrapbook + 30 Donation Tokens
  • 2nd Place: 900 mirs + Craftyn Scrapbook+ 20 Donation Tokens
  • 3rd Place: 600 mirs +Craftyn Scrapbook + 10 Donation Tokens
What to do:
  1. Get drawing! Draw your Favourite Memory
  2. Don't sign your work this time!
  3. Just upload your art to a conversation to Travelgurl and press Send!
Due Date: May 9 2015

  • Nothing inappropriate. If you think your work might be too sexual or gruesome, pm it to the Moderation Staff first and we'll let you know if that's too much or not. Remember, our community ranges from ages 8 to 50. So, keep the younger ones in mind.
  • If you're including captions in your work, please refrain from swearing.
  • Do NOT steal other players work. This is why your work has to have a signature/date on it. If you cut out the signature from someone else's work, or try to photoshop your own name onto it, I'll disqualify you, remove your post, and glare angrily at you from a distance.
  • Do NOT critique others work. If someone else breaks the rules, we will remove...
April Showers brings May Flowers ..
and a Craftyn Poetry Contest!
Salutations, Craftyn!

Ellie here, bringing you the final results for the new and exciting poetry contest! Seems like we had a tie for 3rd place but luckily, for me, Lemony Freshness voted incorrectly and had to message me his 2nd and 3rd choice. Breaking the tie by one point! ♥ So, I didn't have to pick one over the other myself. Thanks, Lemon! ;D

I'll not prattle on any longer. So without further adieu, here are your winners for the April Poetry Contest!

@LemonTart9 /// A Roamer's Tale /// 1st Prize: 3500 mirs, Special item - The Poet's Diary +The Poet's Rose
@xFireStarx /// A Labyrinth of Emotions /// 2nd Prize: 3000 mirs, Special item - The Poet's Rose
@Mcwither /// The C's of Craftyn (A 1-Letter approach to Craftyn) /// 3rd Prize: 2500 mirs, Special item - The Poet's Rose (Sorry I didn't see your title until I re-read your entry just now. ; ^; )

So, there you have it! Congratulations to all the winners! Your prizes will be sent out to you ASAP.
Let me know in this thread if you'd like to see another Poetry Contest in the future, on top of our already existing writing contests!

Would you like to see more community voted contests? I want to know that, too! Other than that, that's all I've got for now! Catch'a later, Craftyn!

Peace, love and diamonds,
Ellie ♥
April Showers brings May Flowers ..
and a Craftyn Poetry Contest!

Salutations, Craftyn!

Ellie here, bringing you my top picks from this month's poetry contest! Sadly, I didn't get the volume of entries that I would have liked. So, instead of having two winners from each category, we're just going to have three winners overall. Sorry guys, but hopefully next time we'll get more entries!

Now, before I reveal to you guys my top five poems from the entries that we received, I want to first say, how proud I am of you guys. I can tell, that you guys put a lot of thought and heart into these and I really enjoyed reading them all.

So, without further adieu, here are my top five April Poetry Contest entries! In no particular order...

If they gave me no title, I made one up for easier voting.

A Roamer's Tale
Looking for realms, to and fro,
Then I find this one, it is the best I know!
Enter the land, go through a maze,
Now I am out, I can see the sun's rays!

Hark! What must I complete?
I must answer some questions, it's requirements I meet.
After I finish, I galavant around,
To wait and see, if I am approved by the Crown.

In no time at all, not long did I wait
For the king to stamp my summary of traits.
Now I am free, what joy!
I can roam through the land, myself I enjoy!

Where to go? I am but a nomad.
I need somewhere to hide from the monsters of bad!
Who is that? He comes from afar!
He wishes to bring me away from despair.

So I followed him, to a land of great.
A port of stone, with very many crates.
There I stayed, till the Great Flash.
And my adventure continued, away I dash
The C's Behind Craftyn
Creativity, Community, and Curiosity.
These are what brought me here,
to the land of heads under a house.
The grand title of Craftyn.

Concrete, Companion, and Choleric....
Castle Wars Event!

Salutations, Craftyn!

Are you as thirsty for an in-game event as I am? Well, here's a tall glass of water and something to feast your eyes on! Next Saturday, April 25th we are going to be holding a server-wide Castle Wars Event! We want to try and get as many players involved as possible to make it fun for everyone.

We'll also be on TeamSpeak so, you can join if you want and listen to the sound of my beautiful phone operator-esque voice. I promise I'll try not to lose my train of thought and not break out in song out of nervousness. Key-word try.

I got called into work during the event on Saturday. But others will still be there!

Moving right along..since I'm giving you guys a pretty good chunk of time to make sure you can be there, I'm also going to ask that you RSVP, that way I can account for how we will organize the teams. As we'd like this event to be as big as possible...the more people that sign up, the bigger the teams we can have!


Yes, there will be some prizes..but I think it will be more fun to tell you what those are once we have the players and teams all figured out. Soooo... SIGN UP NOW~!

Peace, Love and Diamonds,
Ellie ♥

Date & Time of the Event:
Saturday, April 25th @ 1:00pm CST



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