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Instrumental Talent Competition!

Hey there guys! Moomneh, here with our first ever Instrumental Talent Competition! I really hope this will be a successful event, as we can have more contests like this in the future.

For this event, every player may only have one entry, you may have multiple recordings at one time, but only one of your entries will be judged, and you must state which one it is.

In order to submit a recording of yourself, the only way we could configure this to work, is if every person who competes will have to submit their entry via YouTube embedding. You MUST use a recording of yourself, or you will be disqualified.

The idea for this contest came from a certain @coolyoo64! Show off your musical talents!


  • Start Date: July 31st
  • End Date: August 9th
  • Upload video/recording of yourself playing through Youtube on the thread

  • You must play an instrument, vocals are allowed, but they will not be judged, and are suggested as an accompanient. Also, please state what instrument you are playing if you think that it's not obvious either in the recording, or in the comment you post.

  • You must submit only one FINAL recording, and this recording must be by you.

  • Each recording must be submitted as a YouTube embedding in the comments below, or via private message on the forums to Moomnneh, coolyoo64, and Lemony_.

  • You must state your song at the...
Diamond Pickaxe left.png CRAFTYN BUILD TOURNAMENT Diamond Pickaxeright.png
This will be the server's first ever Build Tournament! This is an 11 week tournament. Some rounds are individual while other rounds are as a group. Each round is meant to challenge you in different ways and styles of building. I highly encourage everyone to take a chance at this!! It will be lots of fun! c:

Please see the Recent Updates and Q&A section below to answer any more questions you might have.
Recent Updates:
  • Update to the tournament structure - Point system
  • Server was down. Additional time given on round 2. We apologize for the delay. Unfortunately, it seems we do not have the most recent version of the contest world. Gray has looked through all of our backups and there is no backup for that world prior to the crash from last week. We have given you extra time to accommodate for that lost build time.
  • Check the lineup - Some dates have changed
Tournament Lineup: (More details to come when each new round is announced.)
Round 3: Desert Palace - OPEN
Timespan: 6 days (July 27- August 1)
First place prize: Custom "2015 Craftyn Builder Trophy" (diamond) + 12 stacks of Quartz + 12 stacks of stained clay (your choice) + 12 stacks of Red Sandstone + 12 stacks of red sand
Second place prize: Custom "2015 Craftyn Builder Trophy" (emerald) + 8 stacks of Quartz + 8 stacks of stained...

I really hope to see everyone there, old friends and new ones, alike! Please remember to wear your best! We're looking forward to see everyone dressed up. Also if this isn't an awesome event itself, and the surprise reveal isn't enough of a draw, we will be offering door prizes and a raffle! Only those who are present at the Gala well receive prizes.

To enter the raffle you need to RSVP in the comments below with the following Hashtag: "#CraftynGala2015"

Sunshine and Hugs~
Two months wrapped up all in one post, no need for two posts. :p The showers April brought too many flowers to handle, finally getting rid of them (insert lame joke sound here):

May Voting Results:
First Place: @BecKam68 - 330 Votes
50 Donation Tokens​
Second Place: @Ruffroni - 327 Votes
40 Donation Tokens​
Third Place: @Tannthekilla - 286 Votes
30 Donation Tokens​

June Voting Results:
First Place: @BecKam68 - 320 Votes
50 Donation Tokens​
Second Place: @Tannthekilla - 274 Votes
40 Donation Tokens​
Third Place: @Wolfchild297 - 267 Votes
30 Donation Tokens​

Congrats to everyone! Your donation tokens have already been granted to you, check your email for details or take a look at the Donation Portal! If you have any questions or concerns, as always, feel free to ask. See you next voting contest results!