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  2. As a reminder, if you change your username when they finally release the ability to do it and come on the server you will lose your money and towny data. You've been warned.
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Craftyn Towny

The Craftyn Towny forums. We are a Minecraft server with an amazing community, come join us to experience it!

Your Craftyn Story: Results

Hello Craftyn, here to announce the winners of the latest writing contest. Want to thank everyone who entered, your stories were quite entertaining. So, here are the results:

  1. Lemontart9 - The Life Cycle of a Lemon - 3500 mirs, Craftyn Gem and 20 donations tokens.
  2. Awesomeab03 - Me! - 3000 mirs, Craftyn Gem, and 15 donations tokens
  3. FizzytheDinosaur - My Craftyn Story - 2500 mirs, Craftyn Gem, and 10 donation tokens.

Congrats to all the winners! Prizes will be handed out shortly. If anyone has any Ideas for a theme for a Writing or Drawing Contest feel free to let any of the staff members know via pm in game or on the forums. Your input is always welcome in planning these contests for you


@LemonTart9 @Awesomeab03 @FizzyDinosaur
(y) It is complete!!! The forum maintenance and upgrades have successfully been applied. Here are a few things which have changed; some of the features I've forgotten about and you might find their features later or I'll update this post.

New Features
  • Brand new theme! Thanks for @StormyFox2044, @BoltHead, and @NickP for all their help!
    • Craftyn Branded/Colors
    • Responsive - aka: mobile friendly!
  • Update Xenforo to the latest version, allows us to keep things up to date and fight spam
  • More smilies!
  • Easier tagging people
  • Newer shoutbox, colors and new smilies supported.
  • Font Awesome icons in posts
  • New members of the forums must have a premium Minecraft account
  • Default pictures for new members is their Minecraft avatar
Major Changes:
  • To delete a post, thread, or profile post you'll need to report it and give a reason.
  • Can now tag up to 8 people per post
  • Max of 16 people in conversations
  • Signatures are officially limited (there were manually enforced earlier):
    • Max of six links
    • Max of seven lines
    • Max of four images
    • Max font of size five
Removed Features:
  • Events and RSVPing - the addon which did this is no longer supported and broke the forums when we left it installed. We are sad to see this go, but we will keep an eye out for new options which come up
  • Old and worn out generic Minecraft Theme

Starting later today Friday night (cst) and possibly lasting until Saturday afternoon, the forums will be down for maintenance. We hope that it doesn't last that long, but you can never know for sure.

Thanks for understanding and we look forward to some amazing forums after the maintenance is done. :D

Edit: The maintenance has been moved to start tomorrow, I started to do it tonight...
Ever since banners appeared with 1.8 I have wanted a custom banner for Craftyn to put around Mirabil and other places. I didn't want the banner to just come from me but wanted the community's opinion on it so I decided a banner making contest would probably be the best route to do it. So, with that idea this contest was born!

If a banner is picked from the entries, it will become the official banner for Mirabil and Craftyn Towny. Due to this we have a few requirements for it:
  • Not be copied from somewhere
  • Doesn't have to be limited to Survival, can be made with command blocks
  • Contain Craftyn colors, blue and gold (yellow works too)
  • Be recognizable as a Craftyn banner
  • Screenshot taken with default resource pack
The contest details are as follows:
  • Starts: 3/8/15
  • Ends: 3/22/15 @ midnight cst
  • Submit to: This thread with screenshots
If we do pick a banner from the submitted ones, then that banner will be the winner! There can only be one winner from the entries, so take your time and provide a quality entry. You can enter multiple times, but only one will be picked as a winner. The winner gets the following:
  • 250 donation tokens
  • 7,500 mirs
  • Banner named and enchanted (you won't want to place it down since the enchantments go bye bye)
Good luck to all and I can't wait to see the designs!
Well hi there. *stares* Nothing back? Well fine then be that way. *glares* oh now you move! Well hi there, again. Glad you could read this....strange set of words! But you're not here for this, you're here to see the results of February's voting contest, duh graywolf336!! Well in that case, here they are...but first, let me thank you for voting for Craftyn! It helps us get more publicity which means more people seeing the server out there. :) I won't delay you much longer, here is the information you're looking for:

February Voting Results:
First Place: @tauriellee - 267 votes​
50 Donation Tokens​

Second Place: @gardenzgirl - 223 votes​
40 Donation Tokens​

Third Place: @BecKam68 - 210 votes​
30 Donation Tokens​

Congrats to everyone! Your donation tokens have already been granted to you or you've received a message to me if there was problems, check your email for details or take a look at the Donation Portal! If you have any questions or concerns, as always, feel free to ask. See you the beginning of next month!
Your Craftyn story

Hey Travelgurl here to bring you another writing contest. Everyone has a story to tell, so I would like to read about your story here on Craftyn. You may embellish a bit to make your story more creative, if you wish.

  • 1st Prize: 3500 mirs, Craftyn Gem and 20 donations tokens.
  • 2nd Prize: 3000 mirs, Craftyn Gem, and 15 donations tokens.
  • 3rd Prize: 2500 mirs, Craftyn Gem, and 10 donation tokens.
  • Start date: February 28th 2015
  • End date: March 16th 2015
  • Minimum length: 10 pages
  • Maximum length: 1 book
  • Submit to: TheEye
  • Must be about your life here on Craftyn
  • Embellishing is allowed for creativeness
  • Proper grammar/spelling
  • Please keep it appropriate. No swearing, sexual references, drug and/or little alcohol usage.