1. You look new here! You should come join us on the server, the ip is: mc.craftyn.com
  2. As a reminder, if you change your username when they finally release the ability to do it and come on the server you will lose your money and towny data. You've been warned.
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Craftyn Towny

by graywolf336 at 10:57 PM (74 Views) 2 Comments
Well hi there. *stares* Nothing back? Well fine then be that way. *glares* oh now you move! Well hi there, again. Glad you could read this....strange set of words! But you're not here for this, you're here to see the results of February's voting contest, duh graywolf336!! Well in that case, here they are...but first, let me thank you for voting for Craftyn! It helps us get more publicity which means more people seeing the server out there. :) I won't delay you much longer, here is the information you're looking for:

February Voting Results:
First Place: @tauriellee - 267 votes
50 Donation Tokens

Second Place: @gardenzgirl - 223 votes
40 Donation Tokens

Third Place:...
by Travelgurl at 6:15 PM (189 Views) 14 Comments
Your Craftyn story

Hey Travelgurl here to bring you another writing contest. Everyone has a story to tell, so I would like to read about your story here on Craftyn. You may embellish a bit to make your story more creative, if you wish.

  • 1st Prize: 3500 mirs, Craftyn Gem and 20 donations tokens.
  • 2nd Prize: 3000 mirs, Craftyn Gem, and 15 donations tokens.
  • 3rd Prize: 2500 mirs, Craftyn Gem, and 10 donation tokens.
  • ...
by Travelgurl at 5:44 PM (149 Views) 9 Comments
Valentines day Drawing Contest results!

Hey Craftyn, here are your results for the Valentines Day drawing contest! Lots of great entries always means a hard time picking a winner but here they are:

1st Place: @Wolfchild297 - 1500 mirs + Cupid's Bow + 30 Donation Tokens
Wolfchild297's heart.jpg
2nd Place: @Gillions - 900 mirs + Cupid's Arrow + 20 Donation Tokens

3rd Place: @Ruffoni - 600 mirs + Love Potion + 10 Donation Tokens

Here are the long awaited results from the Christmas Building Contest:

1st Place: Stormyfox2044 2500 mirs + 35 donation tokens + Candy Cane
2nd Place: Zaibrisk 2000 mirs + 30 donation tokens + Christmas Star
3rd Place: Beckam68 1500 mirs + 25 donation tokens...
by graywolf336 at 12:33 AM (269 Views) 9 Comments
This is a public service announcement to the entire server, is does apply to you.

When we updated to 1.8, we encountered a Vanilla bug. The bug I'm talking about is known and is located here: https://bugs.mojang.com/browse/MC-64154

This bug has caused numerous problems for us and you. One of the biggest problems that has affected you is that most of your chests are now protected with just "private" instead of "[private]". We worked around this temporarily by using a custom version of Lockette and preventing interacting with chests. As we're going to be updating to a newer version of Lockette which will support the name changes, the temporary feature of protecting the accessing of "private" chests will be removed.

It is HIGHLY recommended you recreate every chest lock that has just "private" on the first line instead of "[private]"!!!!!
by Travelgurl at 1:50 PM (1043 Views) 46 Comments
Valentines day Drawing Contest!

Happy February everyone, with Valentine's day just around the corner I thought it would be a neat idea for you to Draw a Valentine's day card. It can be to someone on the server or In real life. Happy Valentine's day everyone!

1st Place: 1500 mirs + Cupid's Bow + 30 Donation Tokens
2nd Place: 900 mirs + Cupid's Arrow + 20 Donation Tokens
3rd Place: 600 mirs + Love...